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Make the Best, Better

I love that our first Splash Trash Tour Host was a County Extension.

Our Extension system was created to help our Land Grant colleges disseminate new information and technologies. There’s one in every state where there’s a Land Grant college. They soon found that adults didn't readily accept new agricultural developments, but young people did - and 4-H Clubs were born.

Not me, but certainly a mini-me!

4-H played such an important part of making me who I am. From 6 - 19, it was a cornerstone of my life - from club meetings to the County and State Fairs.

At the beginning of each meeting, we would stand and solemnly swear,

“I pledge:

My H-ead to clearer thinking,

My H-ands to larger service,

My H-eart to greater loyalty, and

My H-ealth to better living

for my club, my community, my country and my world."

"The Motto?" The club President would ask.

“Make the best better.” We would shout.

Pretty darn good words to live by. Thank you 4-H.

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