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Splash Trash Tour Premiere

 Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival

December 2 - 4, 2017

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

(a long way from the ocean!)

"I keep thinking about your show. How powerful your message is."


An informative, interactive and important educational and fun exhibit.


So creative! And a wonderful thing for the environment. 

You’re doing a great service to the community….and the world.


Pop-Up Show Visitors


What an amazing Premiere!

More than 300 visitors, a quarter of whom made a commitment

to adopt a new habit that will reduce trash in our ocean. 





Our entry in the Recycle Santa Fe Trash Fashion and Costume Competition, Splash Trash Bride, was warmly received

and exhibited at a Canyon Road art gallery.

Good media coverage helped spread the word. 


Best of all, the Santa Fe Girls School entry

Rebirth of Venus with her Splash Trash Creations 

won the Juried Youth Art Show!

After all the months of planning - writing content, designing and producing graphics and creating each table's layout, it was so rewarding to see the Pop-Up Show completely set up in one space!


It was just what I had envisioned - colorful and playful, yet educational.   

I realized the Pop-Up Show is installation art - it would be totally different in each site depending on the space! 

It was even more rewarding to see people interact with exhibits.  They were designed to be hands-on and interactive and they were!


So many positive comments - lots of 'I didn't know that' and 'thank you for doing this'.


Young Ivan even donated part of his birthday money 'so the a-mi-nals could survive'.

I had the Tour first interviews with the media including 'Breakfast with Nancy' on our local public radio station, KSFR.  A visitor to the Pop-Up Show told me that after she heard the interview, she promptly purchased metal straws for everyone on her Christmas list.

Breakfast with Nancy Splash Trash Tour Premier - Splash Trash Tour
00:00 / 00:00

Our entry in the Recycle Santa Fe Trash Fashion and Costume Competition, Splash Trash Bride, was warmly received and invited to be exhibited at a gallery on the famous Canyon Road, one of the premiere art venues in the United States!

Cordelia Rose, our septuagenarian bride, won over the crowd with her saucy saunter. Here comes the bride, daaa-daaaa-duh-dah!

Best of all was working with the Santa Fe Girls School sixth grade class to create an entry for the Juried Youth Art Show.  

Their reactions to the Splash Trash Tour story and art made me see it all anew. 

Their reaction to seeing and feeling piles plastic fragments collected from Kamilo Beach, Hawaii was particularly touching.  

Thanks to their talented art teacher, Shelley Robinson, their entry 'Rebirth of Venus with her Splash Trash Creations' won the competition!

Then, to put the icing on the cake, Rebirth of Venus with her Splash Trash Creations was exhibited at the Santa Fe Children's Museum for the month of December.

The girls were thrilled.  So were Shelly and I!

"It's wonderful to know that there are people like you in the world!


Thank you for bringing our students along the path of finding beauty in what is or can be or would be simply an ugly mess.


They loved the experience and are richer for it. We are so grateful."


Pat Preib

Santa Fe Girls School Principal

I was so moved by their Artists Statement.  It reconfirmed my belief that making art out this plastic beach trash - touching it and creating something out of it - is transformational.

"Venus is sad about the ugly and dangerous waste that she has collected but, as a symbol of beauty and love, she has inspired us to create and re-purpose the trash into beautiful and hopeful art…but the story of our sculpture is not a myth, it is a reality.  And we are reminded how we can be agents of change."

My first thank you letter. Except she had it backwards.  I was the one who was really richer for the experience.

I couldn't have done this Premiere without my amazing collaborators and volunteers!  A huge thank you to:  


Sarah Pierpont, Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival Coordinator, for including the

Splash Trash Tour in the Festival and the Splash Trash Bride in the Winterowd Gallery Show.


Cordelia Rose and Anna Brewer for helping to create the Splash Trash Bride and Cordelia 

for modeling it so beautifully. Lisa Polk for the amazing make-up - the perfect last touch!


Sunsette and Cordelia for helping to set up and take down the Pop-Up Show and

spending all day Saturday and Sunday meeting and greeting visitors.  


Roberta Rossi-Knox for helping with the take-down.


Mike Rose for holding down the fort and keeping us fed.

Shelly Robinson, Santa Fe Girls School art teacher for inviting me to work with her class. 

You are an inspiration and role model. I learned so much from you. 

Winterowd Gallery for hosting the Trash Costume and Fashion Show exhibit. 

You can imagine what a thrill it was to be on Canyon Road!

The Santa Fe Childrens Museum for giving these budding young artists

a chance to display their work in such a prestigious location!

Now, Florida here we come!

© SplashTrash 2016

SplashTrash Intl. by SplashTrash Intl. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please give credit to SplashTrash Intl., the SplashTrash Tour, Bette Booth,

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