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The Splash Trash Pop Up Show combines art made out of objects found on the beach with an interactive educational exhibit about trash in our oceans and what we can do to make a difference:

“You found THAT on the beach?

Beach Trash Art Whimsical mobiles and totems are made from objects, most of them children’s toys, collected on the beaches of Utila, Honduras. The art entices visitors into dialogue about the complex and disturbing issues around trash and our ocean in a non-threatening way.




















Interactive Educational Exhibit:   

The exhibit features plastic objects collected on the beaches of Utila and Hawaii. Visitors are encouraged to handle and experience these materials for themselveslike this Barbie that something (a bird? turtle? fish?) tried to eat. 

The exhibit also includes colorful posters, short videos,  games and experiments. 

The exhibit is organized around three themes:


  • We are Trashing our Oceans: When we throw things ‘away’, they frequently end up in the ocean causing serious damage to our oceans, our beaches, our economies and our health.  


  • Plastic is Forever: Plastic doesn’t biodegrade.  It photodegrades into smaller and smaller pieces - microplastics - until it is dust.  Microplastics are now everywhere, even in our food.  They are extremely toxic.  

  • You can Make a Difference! Four 'C's' for the Sea and you and me. 

    • Clean up beaches and waterways

    • Carry your own bags, bottles, cups, utensils, tableware and takeout containers.

    • Choose products without microbeads and microfibers.  

    • Commit today to adopting one new habit that will reduce trash in our ocean.  

© SplashTrash 2016

SplashTrash Intl. by SplashTrash Intl. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please give credit to SplashTrash Intl., the SplashTrash Tour, Bette Booth,

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