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First Splash Trash Pop Up Show at ReUseApallooza. Based on that experience, the exhibit and materials are  being upgraded and improved to take on the road!  

You are not expected to pay for

or provide funding for the Tour.


 You are asked to provide:


1.  Space for the pop up show:  A 10' x 20' outdoor space relatively out of the wind with access to electricity where the tour tents can be set up.  Indoor space would be lovely, but not necessary.

 2.  Assistance putting up and taking down the show.   


 3.  Promotion and contacts with the local media.


4.  Advice on how to localize the Tour and make it more relevant to your specific community context, such as: 


  • Contact information for individuals, groups, organizations or businesses working on beach cleanup and marine debris issues who can provide local information and materials and be interviewed and promoted in the blog and podcasts. 


  • Contact information for local beach trash artists who could be interviewed and promoted in the blog and podcasts.

I will provide:


1.  A self-contained attractive, informative and entertaining exhibit on an important social and environmental issue.


 2.  Recognition and promotion of you, your organization, group or business in a variety of ways: 

  • Splash Trash Tour web site,

  • Splash Trash Tour Facebook page,

  • Splash Trash Tour blog,

  • Splash Trash Tour podcasts,

  • Presentations to other local groups and organizations, and 

  • Interviews with the media.  

We both gain doing something positive

for your community, our oceans and our world.


It's a win-win. 

Bette demonstrated an informative, interactive, and important educational and fun exhibit. It can be a useful teaching tool for the public schools and beyond. Thank you Bette!                  

     Bridget Wolf

Mother and Community activist


So creative! And a wonderful thing for the environment.  You’re doing a great service to the community….and the world.

            Carolyn Richardson Spears


Great exhibit!  More people should see it

Carmichael Dominguez,

Santa Fe City Councilor


 Thank you, Bette, for the eye-opening display and your commitment to ending the wastage of plastic.

UpCycle Santa Fe

Why all the broken things?”   “She’s making art out of trash – that’s the idea.” “She’s making art out of all this trash? That’s awesome!”

            Conversation between a young child and his mother

What visitors said about the first

Splash Trash Pop Up Show 

For a complete descripton of the Splash Trash Pop Up Show

Hosting is fun and easy....

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