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Robinson Preserve 

February 15 - 26, 2017

"Manatee County’s Parks and Natural Resources Department is excited to be among the first organizations to welcome the Splash Trash Tour to Florida.


Robinson Preserve, one of the jewels in the County’s coastal preserve system, is a perfect location to host the tour as it attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year many of whom flock to the area enchanted by the Gulf coastline and the County’s beautiful natural resources."

Melissa Neil, Tour Host Coordinator

Since 2006, this 600+ acre preserve has undergone an incredible transformation from disturbed farmland to coastal and wetland habitats that now support hundreds of different species.   



From brilliant pink roseatte spoonbills to tiny fiddler crabs to America’s own national symbol, the bald eagle, Robinson Preserve is home to a variety of unique coastal species.

 The Preserve features hiking and nature trails, kayak and canoe trails and a launch, picnic areas and a 40-foot-tall tower with a beautiful view of the Tampa Bay region.

 'All too often our coastline and natural resources  are littered with trash and yet few realize the impact or daily volume of the trash that appears on the County’s preserves, parks and coastlines. By hosting the Splash Trash Tour, we hope to not only illustrate the problem but also inspire people to take action to combat it."


Melissa Nell

Volunteer and Education Division Manager 

Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources

Valentine House seems like a particularly appropriate location for the Show.  


It was moved to the Preserve from North Palmetto by barge and renovated as the Visitor’s Center in 2010.


Like beach trash art, Valentine House was 'flotsam' that has been repurposed into something beautiful!




Melissa Nell, M.S.

941-748-4501 x6042

The Splash Trash Tour Pop Up Show will be held at the 120-year-old historic Valentine House.

Valentine House

Robinson Reserve

1704 99th Street

Bradenton Florida  34209

Phone: (941) 745-3723


Hours:  The preserve is open sunrise to sunset; The Valentine House will be open on weekends and weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. throughout the duration of the tour.


Private viewings for groups will also be available. For hours please check our web site.


Admission: Free




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